Do you work at a marketing agency? If so, then you know just how much effort it takes to generate sustainable results.  Demanding for constant adaptability, client campaigns pose particular challenges, as switching between companies means jumping between industries, and if you wish to meet the expectations of your client, there is a lot to remain attentive to. 

Now let’s talk business. What can you do to push your active campaigns one level higher? How can you further prove your firm as a reliant partner? 

Keep reading to discover how social listening can greatly add value to your digital marketing campaigns, whether you are focused solely on social media or a complete spectrum of online services. 

In this article we will cover what is social listening, popular tools, research and market trends, as well as the importance of progress reports in the curation of a valuable reputation. 

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‘’Social Listening? Do you mean monitoring?’’

No, but close! In order to define social listening, we must first understand social monitoring. They are closely related terms, however not synonymous. Social listening refers to conclusive analytical information, referring to the reason behind a particular perception of your brand by the public. While social monitoring provides quantitative information, social listening is a qualitative tool. 

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Research Is Key! Following Market Trends

According to recent studies, clients are not only expecting agencies to fulfill their executive marketing duties, but also commonly desire for strategy development to be curated collectively. In simpler terms, your client expects you to play a main role in the planning of a strategy. 

SR Research further suggests that social media, digital marketing, and audience research are seen as the most prioritized tactics. Practices such as competitive analysis and market trend research may lead to great windows of opportunities, so make sure to dedicate appropriate time to these tasks. 

When dealing with research, social listening comes in particularly handy, as this digital marketing tool can portray a more objective view of the brand, thus leading to effective conclusion making and actions of improvement. 

To implement this beneficially, begin by setting up social listening notifications early on the campaign; this way you will collect regular insights that facilitate the extensive task of market research. 

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Popular Social Listening Tools

  • Brandwatch – Most suitable for brand managers and market researchers
  • NetBase Quid – Best applicable for marketing professionals and researchers
  • Linkfluence – Most useful for social media managers 
  • Sprinklr –  Best utilized by customer engagement managers 
  • Talkwalker – Best for communications specialists 
  • Synthesio – Best for digital marketers and researchers 
  • Digimind – Most advantageous to social media and brand managers 
  • Mention – For digital marketing specialists on social media positions 
  • Meltwater – For data analysts and public relations specialists 
  • Zignal Labs – Effective for data analysts 
  • ListenFirst – Suitable for social media professionals


Providing Your Client With Insightful Reports 

As mentioned above, marketing campaigns require large efforts, and your client will never truly perceive this to the fullest without the provision of detailed progress reports. After all, the numbers don’t lie, and their universal language makes the perfect showcase of reliability. 

While certain KPI’s such as lead generation, return of investments (ROI’s) and sales conversions are easily measurable, there is a lot more happening behind the scenes. 

Social listening reports can be a fantastic way to showcase further data and encourage a more reputable brand value. They will clearly demonstrate your impact on the respective industry through data tracked engagement rates and your vocal input. 

Though such metrics are not typically easy to track, social listening provides an effective solution. By implementing these insights into your progress reports, your marketing campaigns will be perceived with a higher level of trust and capability. 

Now tell us, who are you in the eyes of your clients? 

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In this article we have covered:

  • What is social listening
  • Popular tools and their appropriate assignments
  • Research and market trends
  • Importance of progress reports in the curation of a valuable reputation


By Julia Arguello Busch

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