The fact is simple: Having a properly curated Linkedin profile is a game changer in any business career. Why? Well, for starters, it represents your professional image and can help you gain a greater level of credibility. Secondly, a Linkedin profile will rank very highly on Google searches, often appearing before the company’s website itself. It is a containing aspect of your brand, making it a potentially spectacular marketing tool. 

The key lies in presenting it professionally. So what makes an approvable profile? Over 30 million companies are already following this strategy, and more than 690 million members are utilizing it to network and sell. Let’s have a look at what you need to do in order to make the best out of this platform, too! 


1. Create a Profile

If you haven’t yet created an account, go to the LinkedIn Pages section of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions page. Click Create your Page.


2. Select the Fitting Category for your Business

You may choose between small (fewer than 200 employees) or medium to large business (200 employees or more). Otherwise, a showcase page or educational institution. 


3. Fill Out the  Details

Complete the info on your company or personal status in case of a personal profile, such as name, website, and industry category. For the URL, it is best to go for a username you might already have in other platforms. This will generate coherence and aid in successful search results. 


4. Logo

Upload your business logo. Visual image plays a major role in your overall appearance, so make sure to mark this step complete, as profiles with logos attain six times more visits than ones without.


5. Create Page – Done!

Now that the account has been initially set up, it is important to complete the profile. This, after all, is what creates an outstanding presence. By adding more detailed information, you move visibility from basic to a higher niveau, appearing advancingly in Google and Linkedin search results. In fact, completed profiles acquire 30% more viewing flow than those left at half. 

To include more information, go to the pencil icon on your profile, right under company name. An optimal profile image shows the face straight frontal, with appropriate clothing and a clean background.  Make your description visionary, incorporating your values, missions, fulfillments, products and services. Four paragraphs should suffice, with a natural tone and the sound of your brand voice. If creating a personal profile, keep it in a way that speaks directly to your ideal clients, as this type of appearance can be efficiently used as a lead-magnet. 

Keep note that Google results show a short preview of 156 characters of your About description, so make it SEO friendly and drop in some keywords as well. You want to catch the readers’ attention from the getgo. Make them want to click the ‘’See More’’ button! Moving ahead, data analysis states that members listing profile skills receive up to 17x more views than those who don’t. Entailing these available for endorsement will further showcase expertise. 

In the case of an international business profile, Linkedin provides over twenty language options. Regarding the location, if more than one store or office is given, you may prolong the list by clicking +Add Location. 

Hashtags are also great to enhance search results. What are the common ones used in your specific industry? Don’t forget to use a cover photo for an overall attractive look. It will compliment your profile and background, amplifying an authentic identity. Suggested dimensions are 1584 (width) x 396 (height) pixels.

To promote action within your page, go for custom buttons. Ideas include website visits, contact links, learn more, register, and sign up options. An UTM parameter can be used for tracking. 

Finally, send your Linkedin page to customers and share it on social platforms! Why not ask for follows too? If you tell others what is in it for them, from job opportunities to Live sessions, you are likely going to expand your network, making it a win-win situation for everyone. 


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  • Linkedin Buttons On Other Platforms 
    To make the new page more easily accessible, you may also include leading buttons on your website and other social media. Just use the Linkedin logo as the image and add a hyperlink to it! Another idea is to add Share and Follow buttons with the assistance of Plugins.
  • Connections
    Having a large amount of connections shows the proper development of your network and expertise, enabling you to be found more easily through common links. This is why the goal is to strive for 500+ accepted requests. Work diligently towards it, but always keeping the realistic pace– Linkedin will block you if too many requests are sent at once. 
  • Sharing Content
    As a social platform, Linkedin news feeds will update automatically with any newly added media. Use this to your advantage and share useful content to strengthen your business outlook. Posts with images and videos tend to play out best in any social network, and it is no different on Linkedin. Receiving 98% more comments than posts without images, collages also perform beneficially. Forget about stock photos– original content generates much more attention. Check out Canva and Slideshare to improve your subject customisation. 

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If you wish to take it a step further, videos show five times more engagement than any other material. The auto play feature when scrolling by makes it hard to miss. Contrastingly, Live videos display 24 times more involvement than pre-recorded videos. They can serve as a great opportunity to host virtual events such as webinars or interviews. 


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Sharing your posts with a timely awareness can also increase regular activity. In the case of a Live, promoting it beforehand is extremely advantageous. Stats show that brands posting once a month obtain followers six times faster than ones that don’t. Companies posting weekly display double the flow. Even more so posting on a daily basis! 

Attention to the clock: the best hours are 7:45 a.m, 10:45 a.m, 12:45 p.m, and 5:45 p.m. EST. We suggest going for Wednesdays and Mondays, though we recognize that every industry is different and also encourage finding out through your own experience.

As mentioned in our email copywriting guide, keeping everything concise and taking use of white space can make the whole experience more easily absorbable, increasing the chances of readers going through the complete content. Bullet points are also helpful in that criteria. 

To conclude the sharing of posts, address the audience directly, tag any other relevant profiles, and use polls for feedback exchange. Don’t forget to include hashtags and be quickly responsive to any incoming comments. 


  • Linkedin Analytics
    LinkedIn Analytics can help you keep track of what has been successful in your page and in what manner. You may monitor every interaction and also discover how your profile ranks in comparison to others. For even deeper insights, Hootsuite Analytics showcases how Linkedin is performing against other social platforms. 

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Whether you are a salesperson, marketer, business owner or executive, it is a fact that Linkedin is the main page people generally seek through in order to obtain professional perspective. Shaping up your profile has the ability to brighten your credibility and boost marketing in countless ways. Whether for lead magnetization, promotion of content or the simple purpose of network expansion, we hope this guide has been helpful in bringing you closer to an impressive Linkedin profile! 


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Julia Arguello Busch – Ninja Partners 

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