Marketing is a major part of making your business successful. To excel in this area, you may become familiar with outsourced sales and marketing companies. Though it is possible to have your own in-house marketing team, this direction comes with plenty of negative aspects, actually leading to unnecessary additional costs, overspent time, and overall lack of productivity. In this post, we will cover several reasons why outsourcing your marketing may be the most clever choice. Let’s have a look at a few criteria. 

1. Outsourcing Already Covers Everything Marketing Requires  

A typical job assignment comes with many moving parts. Creating a marketing campaign entails an incredible amount of subcategories and roles, such as having a designated copywriter, graphic designer, social media specialist, strategy maker, software manager, and more. When you hire an outsourced sales and marketing firm, not only is the company already experienced and prepared to effectively carry out a strategy, but they also come with all team members necessary to get things moving quickly. 

2. More Focus Left for you and more Productivity for Marketing 

Marketing executives typically possess numerous job responsibilities within an enterprise, which makes the implementation of a proper marketing plan rather complicated and unfocused. 

If you hire an outsourced marketing company instead, there is no need to worry about overloading your in-house employees with extra tasks– this will only deplete their inspiration and drive for whatever else is meant to be happening. When it comes to quality results, multitasking is not always ideal. 

An outsourced sales and marketing company will take care of every assignment with a dedicated focus to it solely, allowing for a much more productive and healthier workflow. 

While you are free to fulfill the tasks you are proficient at, an outsourced firm will provide regular reports of the ongoing progress, supporting a win-win situation for everyone involved. 

3. Expenses: Having Ninja Partners as an Outsourced Sales and Marketing Company Brings Cost Savings 

Hiring, training, and maintaining an in-house marketing team is expensive and time-consuming. Besides, outsourced companies such as Ninja Partners tend to use various software and tools that aid in the optimization of marketing communications. These tools can cost up to a thousand dollars a month, so isn’t it logical to simply leave it to the experts who already run them? 

4. Maintaining Your Regular Business Flow 

Adding a new branch or project to your business requires a whole new daily structure. It takes time and energy to get things moving forward, and this might disrupt the flow you are already accustomed to. Hiring Ninja Partners completely erases this necessity. Simply allow for the protection of the current schedule you are hitherto making the best of.  

5. A Fresh Perspective

When we are deeply immersed in a certain topic, we often begin to blur and cancel out potential points of view. To put this in context, there is a possibility you are highly engaged with your product and unable to properly position yourself in the role of a customer. Working with an outsourced marketing company might actually bring you eye-opening ideas and unthought-of creative solutions, as we are more easily able to perceive the bigger picture from a more detached perspective. 

6. Returning Investments 

Though the numbers might suggest costs would be higher when outsourcing, this is only a prejudged book cover. Working with an outsourcing company will generate a clear return on investment. With relevant growth in converted leads and the elimination of unnoticed internal disbursements, the quality presented by Ninja Partners means a noticeable boost in revenue. 

7. Minimizing risks 

Changes in strategies are sometimes necessary within a project, and this always comes with a certain risk. When working with an outsourcing partner, all risks are the responsibility of the agency, allowing for side-affected stress factors to be reduced. Outsourced sales and marketing companies are experts in the area, so any necessary changes will be taken with utter confidence and control. 

If you are still not a hundred percent certain whether or not to work with one, it’s possible to simply give it a shot. Try with a single project and see how it turns out. If it’s for you, there is plenty of space left to invest in more. Otherwise, only put in what you are comfortable with testing. Whether personally trying or through detailed research, one is able to conclude that the collaboration with outsourced marketing businesses does in fact provide minimized risks and maximized efficiency. 


In this article, we have covered seven reasons why partnering with an outsourced sales and marketing company such as Ninja Partners is a fantastic idea. From general practicality to reduced expenses, convenient daily methods, and the benefit of an external creative mind, working with Ninja Partners ensures expertise and delivered quality. In the end, the best way to really know is through your own experience. 

Ninja Partners – Julia Arguello Busch

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