Upon observing internal sales commonalities within B2B companies, a certain pattern is noticed. If you are involved with internal SDR (Sales Development Reps) within your organization, you will likely relate to this. 

Let’s establish an overview. Sales are the result of a long process of funneling, including lead generation, prospecting, qualifying, booking meetings and finally implementing the valuable skill of closing a deal. Interestingly, internal sales teams have been majorly observed to complete this process at an average of up to 9 months time. 

Shockingly, statistics suggest that 50% of internal B2B sales teams are composed of no more than ONE team member alone to manage and develop the entire process. If you perceive this as a justifiable time frame and number, it’s time to clarify these flaws. After all, aren’t you after the best value of your marketing spend, and a stronger sense of certainty in your ROI’s? 

The excitement of your success holds the potential of double, triple, or even quadruple multiplication when taking this page’s topic into account. Curious? Keep on reading. 

In this article, let’s break down what is not functional about your current system and why outsourcing your sales and marketing services appear as vastly more efficient options. 

Structuring a Calculable Sales Pipeline 

Let’s begin with a question: what part of the sales process is a vital link to revenue growth? When analysing successful pipelines, a large quantity of meetings appear as a significantly fueling factor.

In other words, a higher amount of meetings is directly associated with higher and faster numbers in sales. So what is needed to amplify this occurrence? 

First, leaving all responsibilities of your sales funnel to a single employee is simply not the most effective operational method, and certainly what is keeping your numbers from scaling to a more profitable category.

When assigning specialized roles to your team members, more meetings are the desirable consequence, leading to greater opportunities of sales conversions and finally a linking to increased revenue. 

Scaling without specialized roles is simply not realistic, and knowing that most companies simply do not have the investment capacity to institute a victorious in-house SDR (Sales Development Representative) team, you are left with one profitable and effective solution: outsourced sales and marketing services. 

Outsourced B2B Lead Generation

A successful sales funnel begins at the top, with qualitative lead generation as the initiative step. Here is what the process entails:

  • Examining your ideal customer profile
  • Defining sales triggers
  • Uncovering customised lead characteristics

Note it as crucial knowledge that purchasing database leads will likely provide you with badly qualified, outdated and overall detrimental information to your sales credibility. This may harm your public image across various channels, such as email productivity, domain status and general market perception. Statistics indicate over 34% of bought lead databases fall under this undesirable classification, so be aware before you make any final decisions. 

All in all, the most logical and redeeming result is to simply leave this task to lead generation specialists. If you are aware of the essential nature behind this task, you know outsourcing is the most reliable option for a successful campaign turnout. This will assure the process results in qualified prospects; ones who are significantly more prone to ultimately convert into sales. 

Outsourced Sales Development: SDR as a Service

The next step of the sales process is prospecting, left ideally to specialized support, or Sales Development Representatives. In a less effective scenario, salespeople are observed to be involved with support tasks, often unnoticeably leading to misfortune in your conversion rates. 

Looking at the optimal scenario, over half of the time spent should be invested in the sales team successfully guiding deals to a final close. Meanwhile, outsourced Sales Development Representatives work with KPIs to sustain  highly qualified and experienced prospecting, backed up by modern technologies which optimize and facilitate the adoption. 

Remember, specialized roles are the key. Leave salespeople to close, and support/SDR to prospect. 

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What You End Up Winning

Opting for outsourced services will leave you with the following benefits:

  • Higher qualification and expertise supporting your deliverables 
  • Faster paced scaling opportunities
  • No Human Resources spending 
  • Work with precise KPI goals to guarantee engagement with each outsourced Sales Development Representative
  • Access to more detailed analysis of each step in the sales process 
  • Shaping the most advantageous outbound campaigns 
  • Settling for the most impactful triggers agreeable 
  • Access to game changing sales resources and developing expert comprehension of your ideal customer/audience

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by Julia Arguello Busch