Truth is, there is much more to selling a product than many are led to believe. It is a detailed skill to master, and some businesses simply do not have the available time to fulfill it on a large scale. This is when outsourced sales and marketing development comes in handy– and as Ninja Partners, there is no better way to define our concept. We can assist you in the great expansion of your visibility and reach, leading to an enlargement of your success by cleverly gaining you more clients. 

When you choose to collaborate with Ninja, your resources are utilized in an optimal way, personalized by specialists in the communicative field of selling to give rise to prospects, nurture leads and finally move them into sales. 

How can Ninja help my business with an outsourced sales force? 

To put it simply, our expert marketing team may use a few different approaches to increase your sales pipeline. Some of them include outbound calling, social selling, or emails. In outbound sales calls, the mission is to involve personalized triggers such as informative downloads to certify the customer is engaged at a time he/she is most likely to connect. 

In social selling, we utilize platforms such as Linkedin to create connections with clients, with an aim at initiating conversations and proposing your product or business as a problem resolutionist. 

Interestingly, this is when companies could especially use the helping hand of outsourced sales & marketing services, as statistics show that 77% of potential customers are observed to disregard connection requests with vendors or businesses unless prior research has taken place. If you choose to share your information with Ninja, we can nurture relationships on social platforms, making it much easier for your company to be perceived as a trusting partner. 

Lastly, we use emails as one of our prioritized communicative platforms, likewise managing outreach to generate prospects and smoothly guide them into sales conversions and the closing of more deals. 

Why choose Ninja as a sales outsourcing service? Our solutions!

There is a distinct difference between hiring an external marketing team and simply doing the job yourself. Within your business, you are likely also committed to other tasks, and this averted focus may lead to a lack of efficiency. On the other hand, Ninja’s dedicated experts are solely occupied with one idea: increasing your list of prospects and converting leads into sales! Doesn’t that sharp focus sound more productive? 

Our full attention comes with experience and a thorough understanding of customer relationships. We have built this expertise through many years in the industry, making us more than prepared to carry out operations that actually create beneficial results. 

Integrating in-house sales reps might be one of your considerations, however, keep in mind that this likely takes a great deal of training time. Ninja, as an outsourced sales team, already possesses all the skills and strategies necessary for the project; all that we need to do is familiarize ourselves with your product and personalize it for success. 

Ninja’s goal is to pinpoint valuable prospects, then clearly state all of the advantages your product presents them with. In other words, we will go through a precise qualification process and start conversations with those who are most inclined to enjoy your product information. 

Will there be a noticeable difference between Ninja and your in-house representatives?

In simple terms, no. The idea is for Ninja to become a part of your team, thereby incorporating whatever tone and way of communication your internal workers already embody. We will sound the same as you, however, sell more effectively. Our qualified trainers and content writers are there to certify that messages are delivered in coherence with your company’s voice, style, and merits.  We are continuously dedicated to the better making of your client interactions and aim at presenting everything with attention to detail, clarity, and resonance. 

How will Ninja understand your unique product?

Of course, you might be wondering how an external marketing team could possibly understand the complexity of your otherwise unrelated product. Though it is true that we have to first familiarize ourselves with your brand for outsourcing advertising, we already have a history of making clients say yes to offers, so applying it to your individual situation will only require the learning of certain pain points and solutions. If any technical communication is demanded, it is still possible to set up detailed discussions with another specialist. As outsiders, it might even be advantageous when it comes to the concise pitching of your sales product. 

How Ninja collaborates with your marketing team?

Not every company has an in-house marketing team in hand. If you do, it is important to establish a clear line of communication between your department and our outsource sales manager. This is a way of ensuring positively expected turnouts and further cultivating a valuable partnership. Together, let’s determine the most suitable method of track keeping and analysis, then set a constructive feedback loop in structure in order to optimize messaging and other aspects, whenever it is necessary. 

How much does it cost to hire Ninja as an outsourced sales team?

Before making a conclusion about prices, it is important to clearly understand all of the expenses of managing your own in-house sales team. According to research, most companies consume over one thousand hours yearly on the recruitment of sales participants. If you translate the hours into money, you will easily realize that costs increase rapidly, even more so when accounting turnover rates.

Additionally, another six months to a whole year might be calculated as necessary in order to conclude priorly requisite training. When looking at the full picture, you might finally be astonished at how much cheaper it is to choose Ninja as your outsourced sales team instead. 

In the end, ‘’expensive’’ is relative. What do you value? 

By Julia Arguello Busch – Ninja Partners team 

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