In terms of marketing, there are numerous criterias that contribute to a well ranking business and its online appearance. One of the most vital points is content consistency, defining how you can most optimally reach your target audience through a timely acquainted and repeatable manner. 

Why and how is this important? Well, follow this thought process: 

Doesn’t a scheduled structure create a sense of familiarity? 

Doesn’t a sense of familiarity enhance connection? 

Doesn’t connection improve your customer relationships? 

And in the end, do better customer relationships give value to your brand credibility?


The answer is yes. 

As stated by Techipedia, consistent brands carry a value 20% higher than inconsistent messagers. By remaining steady with your content creation, here are the benefits your business will likely encounter: 


  • The development of an established brand presence, authority and thought leadership within your field
  • Through brand communication, a stronger and more knowledgeable identity comes to fruition,  leading to increased engagement and awareness of your customers
  • Better connection with your target audience across diverse digital platforms and content channels, allowing for more direct communication and study of market
  • Googles prioritizes pages with novel, appropriate and original content. This leads to increased SEO presence, translating to more traffic and business expansion
  • Providing your audience with better reliability for remaining consistent
  • Incentivizing readers to come back to your web page 
  • Optimizing lead conversion through informative data collection and customer contact information 

Setting a Schedule

In order to carry on with content consistency, you must first determine a sustainable schedule to follow– one which works with and not against your productivity. Here’s how:

By analysing traffic data on Google Analytics or other digital tools, it is possible to discover a time of posting which creates the most engagement with your audience. This goes not only into a day of the week, but also into the exact hour and minute of the publication.  For certain businesses, publishing on a Monday at 11 am might generate more traffic, whereas for others, Thursday at 3 pm may bring about the best results.

As with most optimizational areas of marketing, test and comparison will most accurately reveal a conclusion. Here is a useful method of testing that will give you some constructively analytical points: 

  • Post on a certain day of the week with alternating hours
  • Post on a certain hour on alternating week days

Moving along, consider how frequent you wish to be with your content release. Will you publish daily, weekly, or monthly?  

What is most suitable to your business is conclusive through many variables; there is no right or wrong way to go, it all depends on your goals and ongoing availability to create. Though blog posts usually benefit from a more close intercalation of time, it is also of great benefit to create less frequent, yet more extensive methods of content engagement. Some ideas of bigger projects include eBooks or annual online courses. 

As long as quality and originality are maintained, rewards will be present and efforts will amount to incredible milestones in your overall success. 


What to Focus on with Content Consistency

The primary attention lies on your brand voice: your brand’s persona, tone and style. 

To define a valuable brand voice, start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What is your intention when communicating? 
  • Who are you communicating with? Who is your target audience and what is the buyer’s persona?
  • What is the mood you wish to convey? Are you a serious brand, or with a touch of humor? Formal or informal? Fun, friendly, provocative? Or maybe clear, flexible? Young and laidback?
  • What makes you authentic? 
  • Do you aim for texts to be written in first or third person? 
  • Will you write in singular or plural?
  • Is your brand voice coherent throughout different content segments? 
  • What content within your platform do you enjoy the most? Do you wish to adjustively set the general brand focus to that tone? 
  • How will you make use of highlighted bold sections? Which words or sentences do you wish to distinguish?
  • Are you using CTA’s (Call To Action) within your communication? If so, which kind and where? 
  • What do you call your audience? Are they patients, customers? Ecommerce?
  • Are you cleverly utilizing link building and directive features within your sections? 

As you answer these questions, goals and intentions become clearer, and any necessary steps are naturally taken in the right direction. 



If your goal is to expand business visibility and reach, consistent content creation is a priority. By setting the optimizational focus to a suitable brand voice, an effective schedule, and clever use of digital tools, you will inevitably find yourself closer and closer to a highly pursued vision of success. 

Creating a reputable brand takes time, and excitingly, there is always more to learn and discover. With our weekly content, Ninja Partners covers a series of topics here to help you become more professional and masterful of marketing. 

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See you next week!


by Julia Arguello Busch – Ninja Partners

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