What is the bottom line of every marketing strategy? If you are thinking of promotion, lead generation and sales conversions, then you are on the right track! In order to support such results successfully, various methods such as content marketing present themselves as redeeming opportunities. 

Whether a B2B or B2C, content creation can help craft a reputable image, showcasing a brand’s knowledge through inventive and diverse communication channels. Requiring imagination and originality, content creation can sometimes be a drag, as inspiration is not always available. 

But what if I told you there is a cracking code? Something to keep your content publication consistent until new ideas pop through? Let’s talk about content repurposing, or how we can revive pre-existing material into fresh comprehensive integration. 

How is this useful? Well, think of it this way:

Writing a blog post is great, but are we all done there? All of this brilliant effort left only on the blog page? No way! Such value must be reutilized. What if we extract this information and translate it into, say, a visual graphic for Instagram? Or perhaps utilize the most vital key points to create an informative video for one of your social channels? That’s what content repurposing is all about. 

Let’s have a look at several ways in which you may benefit from previously crafted blog posts and make better use of your creative schedule. This will provide you with a massive supply of social media material that contributes to account growth through value and consistency.

1. Infographics

The great thing about infographics is their aesthetically pleasing way of conveying complex knowledge in a simple layout. They are easy to absorb and likely to achieve a great deal of social sharing. This is highly beneficial to your brand value, as sharing expands the network of your target audience and brings you closer to potential leads. 

Blog posts often are structured as guides to a particular topic, and fortunately, this format can be conveniently designed as an infographic. The same goes for any mentioned statistics- portraying them visually will be even more effective and memorable to your viewers. Once created, this can also be reimplemented into your previous blog source! 

2. Visual Quote Designs for Social Media

Another intriguing idea is quote designing, adding to your brand awareness with a well selected sentence. Blog posts often contain key elements of a certain topic of expertise, so dive into those articles and choose catchy lines for Instagram or Facebook engagement. 

Interestingly, the human brain is able to process and remember visual information at a more advanced level than written content. To know more about visual communication, jump over to ’Using Visual Storytelling To Optimize Your Marketing’’

3. Transform it Into a Video

Did you know videos generate the most engagement out of all methods of modern communication? That’s right, videos are the new big thing. When composed with quality, who knows how far this information will travel?! The potential is massive, and if you still aren’t involved with this channel, we highly recommend some video time dedication!

Turning blog posts into videos is uncomplicated and effective; all you need are good communication skills, confidence, and comfort in front of the camera. Direct all of that blog knowledge in your own spoken words and flow, and feel free to summarize as you find appropriate. 

Live videos are also incredibly popular tools, giving a strong sense of speciality and curiosity through its unedited and fleeting qualities. Be prepared and share what you know directly with your viewers!

4. Creating Podcasts

If you are already making videos, why not fully dive into a podcast? With the right team on board, podcasts are entertaining and informative; simply introduce topics of past blog posts to the members and let the conversation rise. Different perspectives will add to newly profitable value, and the easy-going approach will likely keep your audience engaged.

5. Create a Visual Sequence

Creating a series of explanatory images is another form of digital marketing. This not only recycles previously crafted blog information, but also serves as a driving link towards the sourcing post. 

To translate written content into a visual format, you don’t necessarily have to cite all of the same things; utilize imagery and symbols strategically to creatively represent the same ideas via a different method of understanding. Go as simple as you’d like, or as complex as you find reasonable. 

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6. Updating Old Blog Posts

If you have not been practicing evergreen content creation, then refreshing old blogs with newly acquired data is a considerable idea. Craft updates that are adequate to the current status of the market. This will keep traffic flowing despite the continuance of time; no information will be outdated or devalued. Make the updates clear to your audience so as to mention the new year on the headline.


No need to squeeze your brain for ideas on a daily basis! Let inspiration flow as you recycle old blog content into fresh and entertaining ways of communication. 

In this article we have covered 8 possibilities that will give new value to your past efforts and help you maintain a consistently active online presence. 

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By Julia Arguello Busch

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