Let’s talk about lead generation. In 2021, SDR outsourcing appears to be a top trend, leaving company owners and managers with a commonly pursued inquiry: is outsourcing really a better option than internal team building? 

In this article, let’s break down what exactly SDR is and why the concept presents itself so dominantly adopted across businesses in modern days. If you are a B2B, then keep on reading; this article is for you.

What is a SDR?

A Sales Development Representative (SDR) is focused on qualifying inbound prospects and generating novel leads from outbound activities. In other words, they are responsible for extracting valuable prospects from lead generation conductions by selecting those who are likely to enter a sales discourse and undergo practical lead conversion. 

Qualifying leads and setting appointments are vital processes of a strong sales pipeline. If you are a B2B, then having an SDR team dedicated completely to such tasks is a crucial aspect of building satisfactory results. 

Knowing that sales specialization is absolutely prominent nowadays, and the center of attention within most organizations, consider the following criteria:

Cost Reduction

Building an internal team entails more expenses than what appears obvious. Remember, time is money. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How long until I find a suitable candidate?
  • Which platforms will I post on? 
  • How many interviews must be conducted? 
  • What percentage of management will be dedicated to the interviewing process?
  • How about dedicated HR time? Background analysis, administrative advantages? 
  • How much time will be spent on training the chosen employee? 

All in consideration, statistics suggest hiring a sales team takes a toll of 50% on annual salary, which is a considerably high amount spent solely on an initiative process. 

Don’t forget about office spaces, employee benefits, and equipment; up-to-date research indicates an average of $371 is spent monthly per SDR alone on sales acceleration technology tools. That is, for companies with an internal SDR team. 

While department costs may stand as sufficiently convincing, there is more to the story: average ramp time is calculated at 3,2 months, leaving yet another gap between the hiring process and fully productive ROI’s. 

Further accounting SDR’s are expected to leave companies after 1.5 years, an enormous portion of time is indeed spent before any valid return of benefits is seen.

Specialized Roles 

As one individual, focusing on multiple tasks which differ in goals can be counterproductive. The advantage of an SDR is their specialization in a particular process, executing with absolute expertise and efficiency on their best-performing efforts. When outsourced, this will bring you greater value which considers both time and effectiveness.  

As an example, let’s have a look at researchers. In comparison with partial time dedication, research productivity is significantly higher when conducted on a full-time basis. 

The same goes for appointment settings. Members devoted to this persevering task have a knowledge of rhythmic follow up which is indispensable in a fully qualified sales pipeline. They are familiar with the most appropriate time interval between each follow-up, which varies subjectively between campaigns and prospects. 

Sales Closers are another, and if not the most excellent examples of specialized roles in SDR outsourcing. They are one of a company’s most treasured assets, completing the long chain of all lead generation efforts. These individuals carry a skill that is often overqualified or simply not adequate for tasks such as prospecting or cold calling, in which leads still stand in an early recognition phase. 

  • Having a team dedicated fully to each role results in inevitably higher efficiency and a more reliable delivery of expertise. 

Evidence-Based Execution 

Outsourcing through a credible sales development agency carries a sense of guaranteed advantage. Considering such organizations are built entirely around the concept of lead generation and sales, it is needless to say that experience and knowledge have shaped an evidence-based process. 

Outsourcing your appointment setting will also leave more time on your hands to do what you are best at doing,  leaving specialized sales tactics to dedicated professionals. 

To manifest qualitative results, Sales Development Representatives at Ninja Partners work through various media channels to nurture leads and follow up accordingly. If you are interested in how we can scale your business with a highly qualified sales pipeline, get in touch now. 


In this article, we covered what SDR outsourcing is and why it appears so widely adopted across modern organizations. While reading you will understand the details of cost reduction, role specialization, and the foundations of a backed-up sales procedure. Sign up for our newsletter for weekly issues of informative B2B marketing material! 

Next Steps

If you are looking to hire someone that help you train and manage a fully functional SDR team, please schedule a meeting with our sales team.

By Julia Arguello Busch

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