Every business holds a unique layout and structure, therefore bringing forth particularly varying demands. To guarantee that lead generation and sales are running smoothly, consistently and with a balanced approach, a well-implemented marketing team is absolutely necessary. 

Unfortunately, in many companies, that is not the case. Though in-house marketing can be perfectly sufficient when managed properly, it often unfolds, on the contrary, creating a long list of unaddressed, negative repercussions. 

As a problem resolutionist, outsourcing your marketing can be the wisest choice. Of course, it all depends on your individual situation and needs, so with this in consideration, let’s carefully examine whether or not your current approach is unfolding efficiently and what to pay attention to in order to optimize it. 

Results are not turning out as expected 

A very clear indication of whether or not your current marketing plan is truly functioning to the peak of its potential is the analytical turnout of your expected results. A successful campaign works by setting goals and performing to fulfill them, so if your in-house marketing is not getting the results you planted, then there are areas in your approach that need some adjustment. Plus, if you are too busy working on launching the next campaign, then there is no time to optimize the current one, and every expert knows that the details of optimization are the foundation of an effective workflow. 

If you find yourself in this situation, you may consider outsourcing your marketing for more efficiently divided time. Such outsourced firms are fully and solely dedicated to making your marketing successful, and this sharp focus surely pays off. Outsourced sales and marketing firms are more easily able to manifest productivity, ultimately leading to your abundantly desired results. 

Is your in-house marketing team or person working too much? 

By now you must know that marketing is a multifaceted process, involving copywriting, graphic designing, SEO optimization, social media management, website development, email marketing, lead generation, customer support, and more. 

Clearly, this requires more than one individual to be executed in proper balance. If your current team or individual is working excessively, you won’t be able to achieve truly prosperous results. If you are frequently missing deadlines, it all comes down to the same conclusion.  In this case, you might wish to consider outsourcing your marketing, or at least, part of it.

Collaboration between in-house marketing and outsourcing 

Outsourcing your marketing doesn’t necessarily mean giving up your whole team (if there is one in place). The possibility to combine in-house employees’ tasks with outsourced areas is one of the countless options. You may outsource only that which is suitable for your situation. 

For instance, you may have an incredible graphic designer in place but not enough invested time into email marketing. Why not outsource email marketing only and set up a clear communication line between both teams? As we’ve mentioned above, every situation comes with varying demands, and oftentimes a personalized adjustment can be just the right solution. 

Another exemplifying situation is the outsourcing of a certain social media platform’s management. In other words, if your in-house social media representative is fully occupied with Linkedin and Facebook strategies, it might be useful to hire outsourced Instagram marketing to make use of all facets in equal measure. 

Are you generating frequent reports and progress statistics?

Marketing data analytics is yet another game-changing player in the field. Its use typically requires the use of intelligent software, well-trained data scientists, and engineers. Recruiting and training such a team takes a lot of time, budget, and effort, so if not provided in-house, outsourcing this tool might as well be your next clever move. 

Some marketing executives believe that simply trying different things out and seeing what works is an ideal method, and though exploration is indeed beneficial to finding success, failing to keep track of each action inhibits the possibility of learning from mistakes, and finally, from correcting them in the future. 

If something does work out, how are you going to know what exactly made it successful? How are you going to repeat that success? 

As mentioned above, careful data analysis significantly improves just about everything in your marketing campaign. If your current marketing strategy does not involve tracking through numbers and the reviewing of frequent reports, whether daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, then you are not making the best use of marketing. Consider outsourcing your campaign to an agency, as such steps will most certainly be included in the general process, and you will be able to keep track of what exactly is happening to best optimize your game plan. 

Are you just fulfilling tasks or really following a strategy?

Checking off a task list might seem productive and rewarding, however, be aware of it simply serving as an illusion. There is no point in completing activities if they do not serve a bigger strategic purpose. What do we mean by this? 

Well, for instance, being active on social media just for the sake of being active is not really creating any substantial change in your marketing evolution, unless it is part of an underlying cause. Know what you are doing and why you are doing it; know especially how this specific activity is getting you closer to your goals, and every step forward will be taken with more responsibility and impact. 

Are you looking to transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing?

Throughout the past years, society has taken a drastic digital transformation and digital marketing adoption, slowly weakening the effectiveness of traditional marketing methods such as newspapers, billboards, and radio. Instead, the attention of the world has been set online. 

In traditional marketing, you could put out a gigantic billboard on the highway and hope for people to notice it when driving by. In digital marketing, the revolutionary connection capacity of the internet allows for precise data tracking and enables more directly applicable strategic tweaks. 

If your company has been running on traditional methods thus far, then it is time for a digital shift. Outsourcing your marketing strategy to an outsourced sales and marketing firm presents itself as the most viable option, considering budget, time efficiency, proven expertise, logistic setting, and successful performance. 

When to keep your marketing in-house

Here are some noticeable successes of when to simply keep your marketing in-house:

  • You are having no troubles generating a consistent incoming flow of leads to your sales team
  • You have a designated team member for every aspect of marketing, including graphic designing, copywriting, social media management, email marketing, etc. 
  • You have consistent reports of progress and track keeping of strategies
  • Your marketing team possesses backed up expertise and and up to date tools and techniques

If outsourcing is a fit for you, Ninja Partners offers personalized marketing possibilities to meet your needs. Stay tuned for the next article on company growth hacking! 

Julia Arguello Busch – Ninja Partners 

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