Statistics show that 1 billion users worldwide dedicate a minimum of 53 minutes daily to Instagram. Seems like a pretty staggering number! Does that mean Instagram is suitable for digital marketing? 

The answer is yes, absolutely, and to a higher extent than you might imagine!

Here are some more convincing numbers: 

  • 78% of influencers confirm Instagram is their prioritized platform for brand collaborations. 
  • 72% of users have purchased products found on Instagram. Could your future customers be waiting for you there too? 
  • 90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand. This further indicates brand interest is undoubtedly present on this digital channel. 
  • Facebook’s engagement rate with companies is concluded at a low 32%, while Instagram competitively rates 68%

In the digital marketing field, such numbers are seen as a clever opportunity for sales upgrading.  The question is, how can you ensure engagement is carried out successfully? How can you turn each viewer into a potential buyer? What is the trick behind redirecting your viewer into downloading some form of content, or clicking on a product link? 

To clarify it, let’s have a closer look at various techniques for increasing your ROI’s on this channel. 


How to Measure ROI’s (Return of Investments)

First, what defines the measurement of ROI’s? Here are some terms to begin with: 

  • Audience out(reach): The amount of users that your content reaches. How many people is it seen by? 
  • Audience engagement: How many people are interacting with your created content? Liking, sharing, commenting? 
  • Audience growth rate: What rate is your audience thriving at? 
  • Conversion rate: How many people partook in your CTA (Call To Action)? How many bought a product, downloaded content, or clicked on a presented link? 

Understanding this is the first step. The second step is linking this knowledge to your business goals, so that a useful conclusion and approach can be taken from the data. 


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To set your goals, consider:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead conversion
  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic flow 
  • Sales 

With goals of brand awareness, a higher fraction of your attention will be set to the audience growth rate. If your goal is for instance sales, audience engagement and conversion rates will carry the spotlight. 

Key Points Of Content Engagement: Marketing Effectively


Quality Content

One thing is certain: audience reach is nothing without qualitative content! Who cares how many people your page reaches, if there is nothing interesting to be seen? 

Dedicating a great deal to original content creation is absolutely necessary, and the foundational aspect of all other criterias to be built upon. 

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Content Consistency

Quality and authenticity are great, but are these characteristics really complete without consistency? After all, repeatable and valuable material is what keeps your audience coming back for more. 

The great thing is that we have already broken down all the specifics for you. 

For deeper understanding, refer to: Digital Marketing: Why Content Consistency Is Necessary


Influencer Marketing. Does it Really Work?

Yes, it does! If done properly, this strategy holds the potential to massive profits post investments. In fact, a survey by Influencer Marketing Hub suggests brands make $5.20 for every $1 spent. If your performance is high, we are looking at a rate of even above $20. 

To truly benefit maximally from such investments, it is important to choose the right collaborative partner. Allow the following questions to guide you into a decision:

  • Is this influencer’s audience compatible with my goals? 
  • Will my content be interesting to this audience? 
  • Does this influencer’s audience show sufficient engagement rates? Are the followers liking, sharing, and commenting on shared media?

With such an oversaturated online presence, people have become rather skilled at noticing ads from afar. This often leads to a direct sense of disregard. So how can you dodge this in a clever manner? 

Well, it looks like influencer marketing may solve this problem. 

Influencers can not only post an image of your product, but they can also directly show how the product is used. This connects on a deeper psychological level and triggers a feeling of trust. 


Product in Use, by the User! 

Showing your product being used by your real audience portrays a sense of honesty and suitability. It is original, natural, and comprehensive. This authenticity further creates a feeling of trust with the public and supports a healthier brand image. 

Allow your users to create their own original material with your product, in an unedited and pure way. Make use of a cost-free method of showcasing that actually adds value to your credibility and reliability as a provider. 


IGTV Videos

This dedicated section of Instagram provides a similar user experience as Youtube, however integrated in a completely different way. 

Here are a few creative methods to make the best use of IGTV:

  • Create tutorials or step by step guides
  • Present a product creatively and excitingly 
  • Announce partnerships or collaborations
  • Showcase events or interviews 
  • Get personal with your audience 

For more tips and tricks on Instagram, check out: 

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Digital marketing is extremely rewarding when done properly. In this article we have covered several methods for increasing your Instagram ROI’s. 

We have covered:

  • How to measure ROI’S
  • Qualitative content creation
  • Consistent content publication 
  • Influencer marketing
  • User brand content 
  • IGTV 

By Julia Arguello Busch – Ninja Partners

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