Guide: How to get Clients to Consult Your Business


Guide: How to get Clients to Consult Your Business

Working as a freelancer takes fierce dedication. If you are only now starting out as a consultant, ‘’how will I get clients?!’’ is a common worry. 

In this guide, we have pieced together tips on how to find clients and confidently win them over. Let’s cover sustainable methods and prevent you from ever missing another fortunate opportunity. 

Here are the topics we will cover:

  • Building a reputable and attractive online presence and magnetizing clients
  • Formulating the winner pitch 
  • Effectively navigating through a client phone call 
  • Creating an adequate proposal
  • Discerning who you should probably not be working with

Feeling ready for a transformation? Then let’s get started.  

Online Presence and Portfolio 

It is extremely likely that new clients will do some prior research before choosing to hire you. Having a credible online presence gives a push in the right direction, supporting all upcoming opportunities. 

Start by taking a good look at your social media, especially your Linkedin account. While Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are utilized for multiple networking purposes, Linkedin is the only one dedicated to business solely. 

We strongly emphasize the importance of a 5 star Linkedin profile. This plays a major role in shaping your online presence and professional image. 

Some fast tips on how to improve your Linkedin profile:

  • Complete the profile
  • Create a customized URL
  • Pick the right profile image and banner
  • Use testimonials/recommendations 

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Make sure to include all valuable past experiences in your portfolio. This is about providing as much proof of expertise as you possibly can. If you are new at this, lookout for skills and tasks you may have utilized in other areas, and strategically apply it into a new context. 

Testimonials make a great addition to your portfolio; they are a fantastic way to win over new leads. This form of credibility creates a stronger sense of trust between you and a future client. 

Here is how to get a Referral/Testimonial after a Finished Project: 

First, politely thank the recipient for the business done and list bullet points of all your accomplishments together. If any feedback is provided, hold on to this, as we will soon transform it. 

Once communication is open, you may request them to answer the following questions, 

  1. Why did you choose me as a consultant? What made me stand out to you? 
  2. What was your vision before starting the project? Was your vision met?
  3. Did you have any hesitations while searching for consultants? If so, which? 
  4. What have we accomplished together? What did I help you with?
  5. What did you enjoy about working with me as a consultant?
  6. Could I have done certain things in a better manner? If so, what and how?
  7. Would you suggest my service to a friend or colleague?

If permission is granted, finally edit the answers into a testimonial. 


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SEO Website Content

If you don’t have a website yet, we strongly recommend some time to be invested into this. With SEO optimization, websites are a critical part of attracting new clients and showcasing your brand/service. Make sure to consider popular keywords within your niche and target audience, and also provide a clearly visible call to action. 

With regular publishing of valuable content, brand credibility increases. Consider topics your clients are asking questions about and cleverly formulate blog posts. 

How to get Clients

As a consultant, a clever approach is offering your services for situations that have not yet been noticed by the company. Here’s an example:

A new business is developing a product and wants to hire a full-time marketing director to execute a plan. Wouldn’t it be clever to contact a marketing consultant first, and lay out the most efficient strategy before handing it over for execution? 

Instead of applying for the position, you may contact the department and pitch your service with this cost-effective mentality. 

Job listings can be found in websites such as:

  • Indeed
  • We Work Remotely
  • AngelList

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Cold Pitching

Though somewhat of a challenging task, cold pitching can create indispensable benefits in your career. 

Considering no one requested contact in the first place, you might struggle with approaching in a way that is sufficiently captivating. 

Courageously taking on the challenge, here are a few things to pay attention to when cold pitching: 


  1. Personalization
    Personalization is one of Ninja Partners’ defining aspects. No ‘’Dear Sir/Madam’’ if you want to prove your efforts! Make sure to do a bit of research beforehand, as so to familiarize yourself with the individual on a more personal level. Show that you’ve done your research and present yourself as a much needed solutionist. 
  1. Make it easy
    If you wish for this person to work with you, make it uncomplicated to get the ball rolling. Include everything they need to know, such as your name, website, and a valid phone number. 
    With a simple call to action at the bottom of your email, suggest things like ‘’When are you available for a quick phone call?’’ or ‘’Let’s have a 15min call about how I can help you improve your lead conversions? When are you available this week?’’
  1. Follow up
    Fulfilling this step ensures no opportunities are missed. Don’t give up if your target does not reply initially; more often than not, the second email has a higher open rate than the first. Make sure to give a couple of tries before letting this go. 

Turning the Phone Call into a Success

Moving one step ahead, it is time for the big moment: the phone call. Acknowledging this is the bridge between you and a successful agreement, we recommend taking the lead with entitled confidence. 

Here are some things to pay attention to:

  • Thank them for the call
  • Summarize the goals of this conversation
  • Highlight the issue they are experiencing and why they are in contact with you in the first place
  • Ask questions. What are the goals? How will success be measured? Are there any uncertainties that need reassurance? 
  • Truly understand what is of value to your client.  What is their dream vision of success? Confidently show that you can make this happen. 

If the call has been successful, a proposal soon comes into question. When formulating this document, set careful attention to all foundational criterias. 

Here is what an optimal proposal should cover:

  • A cover page 
  • An executive summary
  • Project outline and scope 
  • Deliverables
  • Schedule and timeline
  • Milestones
  • Terms and conditions
  • Requirements on both ends 
  • Expiration date

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Is it a Good Idea to Work with this Person? How can we Play it Safe?

Though in the world of business, we are all humans. Intentions do not always line up, and certain people simply embody different characters. Ambitions, goals and incentives vary per individual, and it is important to remember this when considering collaborative projects. 

If your client is stuck on a price, remember only the scope is negotiable. If they wish to pay less, less will be delivered. Failing to agree to this shows lack of appreciative value on your client’s end, and you should probably reconsider this opportunity. 

Suddenly agreeing to lower prices also indicates your rates were never fixed in the first place, and you might end up losing professional recognition. 

If your client is displaying a sense of rush, create special fees dedicated to this occasion. If something is suddenly needed by tomorrow morning, it is absolutely reasonable to charge extra. 


In this article, we have covered:

  • Building a reputable and attractive online presence and magnetizing clients
  • Formulating the winner pitch 
  • Effectively navigating through a client phone call 
  • Creating an adequate proposal
  • Discerning who you should probably not be working with

See you next time!


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by Julia Arguello Busch – Ninja Partners

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