Good Marketing and Customer Service: How to do it Right


Good Marketing and Customer Service: How to do it Right


What is Marketing?

By definition, marketing is the activity of promoting the buying and selling of any product or service, thereby attracting a pool of customers into your offers. Whether involved with an online or physical business, marketing is responsible for luring customers in. Depending on the market you are involved in, different channels can be used for this vital task.


Types of Digital Marketing

In the digital field, you may come across the following common terms:

  • Social media marketing 
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Vector marketing
  • SEO marketing  
  • Content marketing 

Whichever the method, proper marketing techniques define why your business should be chosen amongst its competitors. The key lies in choosing a suitable method that educates and influences your customers. 
Though do keep in mind that marketing is more than just a single activity- it encompasses everything your client experiences when in contact with you.

This involves:


What your customers hear from others

Don’t underestimate word by mouth! The fact is, humans are incredibly communicative, and stories are told quickly and travel even faster. A good reputation can serve as a reliable confirmation of a successful business image. 


Guide: How To Get Clients To Consult Your Business



Successful advertising is capable of targeting the appropriate audience and buyer’s persona. Within that realm, visual content marketing is an incredible form of applied engagement. 


Key Points Of Content Engagement: Digital Marketing Effectively


What is customer service?

While the previous criterias assure a customer is lured into your premises, customer service is what keeps them coming back. 

What is the follow-up attention your business provides once a new client arrives? Do you properly care for them, politely and resourcefully? 

The spectrum of customer service covers a broad set of human behavioral techniques, all to psychologically trigger a feeling of care and speciality within your client. 

Every detail counts in making sure they not only find your business, but also choose to commit to it. After all, there are tons of competitors out there, and you want to make sure your services are exactly what they have been looking for. 

Set your attention to developing loyalty and trustful relationships. Whether by phone, email, or in person, make your customer feel unique and special, listening fully and carefully to all of their expressions and needs. 

The definition of good customer service includes the following qualities:

  • Patience. Are you holding up a finger as you answer another call, ignoring your customer and making them feel unheard? That’s classic improper behavior, and it will likely send the client straight out of the line. Instead, be patient and fully available. Your customer is foundational to a successful business chain, so treat them according to that knowledge. 
  • Politeness. Hopefully you’ve picked up polite manners along the way of life, otherwise any social interactions will come backfiring in the way of your success. In customer service, politeness is an indispensable quality. Treat them kindly. Be respectful to their requirements and show some empathy and understanding. 
  • Listening. No one wants to be interrupted during a conversation, especially not when in contact with customer service. Listen thoroughly before coming to any conclusions or disregarding important components. Your customer’s needs are valuable! 
  • Resourcefulness. Are you willing and able to provide a solution to whatever your client needs?  Often, they just need a nudge in the right direction to find what is looked for. If falling under another case, dedicate your efforts into finding a solution and providing your customer with some form of beneficial communication. They’ve likely already tried solving things on their own, so kindly keep that in mind as you point them towards a resolution. 
  • How to contact customer service. Nobody wants complicated searches and long calls in order to come to a simple solution. Prioritize developing an effective system of communicative outreach. Robots are typically utilized to answer customer service phone calls, and that is not always 100% resourceful. ‘’How do I get a human?!’’ Your customers might ask.. Keep that in mind as you optimize your strategy. 
  • Putting your customer first. By now, this person came to your business because some other asset of your marketing was carried out successfully, and this is the final stage to complete a victorious marketing chain. Putting your customer first assures the final stage is completed in an advantageous manner for both parties involved. 

There is not much of a secret when it comes to successful customer service. It is not expensive and roots from basic social skills. Keeping your customers pleased will maintain your current client base intact. 

Comparing between other successful businesses might be a helpful way to create your own program. Have a look at:

  • Amazon 
  • Verizon 
  • Spectrum
  • Xfinity 
  • Fedex
  • At&t
  • Apple support

In the end, what does customer service mean to you?


Digital Marketing In A Post-Pandemic Economy



In this article, we have covered what is marketing by definition, popular types of digital marketing, advertising and a step by step guide into a quality customer service experience. 

See you next time!


Guide: How To Get Clients To Consult Your Business


By Julia Arguello Busch – Ninja Partners

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