Between you and your audience, content marketing is a powerful tool of engagement.  By creating material that is fitting to your buyer’s persona, which carries a personal touch, emotion, and the flow of a story, content marketing can be responsible for generating massive amounts of traffic within your platforms. 

What if, however, all the content you have spent so much effort on becomes outdated? What if time passes and its importance and interest disappear? 

Fortunately, the world of marketing comes with many solutions, and often a way to adjust any tool into its highest potential. In this article, let’s learn about evergreen content: articles that will hold an equal value despite the ever changing continuance of time, or even increase in value and traffic rate throughout years into this timeline. 


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What is Evergreen Content?

Naturally, not every kind of material will carry the same relevance over time, especially over long periods of time. The ever evolving nature of things calls for adaption, innovation, and constantly new creation. Nonetheless, it is also of advantageous balance to purposely create with a lasting intention. This is where evergreen content comes into play. 

Evergreen is all about timelessness; merging quality content with relevance at its optimum, and defining SEO friendly ranking capabilities. This will bring you better engagement throughout social platforms and overall higher credibility, visibility and positive lead generation. 

Here is how to go about this:


Choosing Topics Wisely

As you may have imagined, clever topic selection is of utmost importance. This will directly define whether or not your content will become obsolete or successfully mark itself as evergreen! Here is an example:

Imagine you own a clock selling business. To increase traffic rates, you have decided to create a blog within your web page. What would be an effective topic of long lasting value? Well, if you choose to write reviews and product information on your current catalog, it might be of great value at the present moment, but no longer when such items become absent in your offer. This means not a great match for evergreen content.

Instead, think of writing something like ‘’How to repair a stuck second hand in a clock.’’ This is a more timeless search, reaches a generally larger audience and still relates to your business completely.  

Another helpful method is to include citable statistics and original ideas. To more easily come across an effective scheme, you might benefit from researching popular articles around the chosen topic, analyse typically used headlines and carefully inspect what is included and how. This knowledge will place in you a higher and more capable position to create something extraordinary, and most importantly– timeless! 


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Researching with Detail 

Providing valuable sources of studies can certainly add value and credibility to your writing. When applying such information, remain attentive to the data collected and years of research, as this might evolve into new studies and new conclusive information, stirring you further away from the evergreen zone. If necessary, go back to your articles every year and make sure to update anything that calls for refreshment, so as to maintain its timeless and qualitative criterias. 


The Power of Visual Content

As discussed in previous articles, visual triggers are particularly engaging to the audience. Make sure to include fitting photos, videos, graphics or even cartoons that match your public’s characteristics. If creating tutorials, screenshots are a great way to precisely demonstrate instructions and integrate a visual touch. 

There are countless platforms that provide free stock images for your visual content. You may also create your own material with websites such as Canva, which are easy to use and come with a truly vast range of design possibilities. 

Of course, the visual information you choose to include depends on the kind of content you provide. Simply go for something fitting to your audience and topics.


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Your Brand Voice

Remaining coherent to your company’s tone and brand voice can significantly add to your overall online presence. If you think about it, your brand voice should be certain and timeless in its tone definition, making its consistent implementation a valuable asset to your evergreen content. 


Assisting Tools for Evergreen Content Creation

As in any area of marketing, analysis, research and optimization are key aspects of growth and expansion. The creation of evergreen content is not much different. To facilitate the process, there are several online tools designed specifically for your evergreen improvement. These include:

By allowing you to carefully inspect data such as search volume results, the tools above move you closer to SEO friendly ideas. 


Popular Types of Evergreen Content

Wondering what might be a great fit for your next evergreen content creation? A few commonly successful choices include: 

  • How To’s / Tutorials 
  • Problem solvers 
  • List posts (might require future adjustments)
  • Testimonials
  • Interesting, niche-based historical data 
  • Brand books such as brochures 
  • Videos, podcasts, imagery 
  • Glossaries of your business terms and ways of communication 



In this article we have covered what makes evergreen content timeless and qualitative and how you can benefit from it. With useful tools, your unique brand voice integration and creative topic ideas, evergreen content will help fuel your business into long lasting credibility!


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by Julia Arguello Busch – Ninja Partners

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